Our Story

Lumberjack Maple Syrup Co. was established in 2015 and is owned and operated by the Kowalkowski Family in Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin. Prior to 2015, every spring we enjoyed collecting sap with family and friends as a hobby. At the time, collecting sap was executed by maneuvering our logging equipment with a collection tank through the woods, which was filled by the labor intensive process of emptying every pail from hundreds of trees. After several years of collecting sap this way, we decided to research the opportunity to expand utilizing technological advances in collection and processing of sap into syrup which has brought us to where we are today. Since 2015, we have been collecting sap through a tubing system, with the aid of vacuum pumps and releasers which pump large volumes of sap automatically into collection tanks. From there, the sap is pumped onto tanker trucks and hauled back to our state-of-the-art sugar house to be processed into delicious syrup. We currently collect sap on 200 acres from 12,000 taps and produce 4,500-6,000 gallons of syrup per year, depending on what mother nature provides for us.
“I brought a little piece of home back with me to Australia thanks to Lumberjack Maple Syrup C... — Corey J.
“Vanilla ice cream drizzled with warm 100% maple syrup is one of my favorite desserts.” — Tricia G.
“Popcorn tossed in this maple syrup and salt is the best movie snack!” — Evan P.

From Sap to Syrup

1. In the woods

Miles of tubing connect thousands of trees in the woods, which is set up utilizing the contour of the woods to collect the sap at several pump houses. We have tubing on approximately 12,000 trees on 200 acres in Forest County. Throughout the year we are maintaining the tubing system by checking for loose or downed lines, clearing limbs off lines, and fixing chews from squirrels and bears.

2. Pump houses

Sap, which contains approximately 2% sugar, travels from the tree through thousands of feet of tubing which drains into releasers at our pump houses. From there, the releaser automatically pumps the sap through an underground line, and into a collection tank conveniently located where it can be loaded onto a tanker truck.

3. Hauling the sap

When the collection tank is full, the sap is pumped on the tanker truck and hauled back to the sugar house for processing. At the sugar house, the sap is pumped from our tanker trucks into our silo, which can hold up to 20,000 gallons.

4. Reverse Osmosis

The sap is then processed by reverse osmosis machines, which remove up to 90% of the water. At this point, the concentrated sap is 20% sugar content which means it will only take approximately 4.5 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

5. Boiling the sap

Concentrated sap is boiled in our high efficiency 5x16 propane fired evaporator which makes around 165 gallons of syrup per hour. Finished syrup coming off the evaporator is frequently tested to make sure it is the correct density of 66 brix.

6. Taking a sample

Finished syrup is pumped through a filter press, leaving the syrup clear of any impurities created during the boiling process. The clean syrup is pumped into barrels which will heat seal to keep the syrup fresh for bulk shipment, or until it is opened to reheat and refilter to dispense into glass bottles. We take samples for each filled barrel as required, since we are a Wisconsin licensed food processing facility.

7. Ready to enjoy

Buy our products online, come visit us at our sugar house, or check out our booth at local events! Search Facebook for "Sappy Days: A Wisconsin Maple Syrup Experience" for more details. ***Mark your calendars: SAPPY DAYS 2024 is March 22-24! More details to follow.***


8698 Wall Road Armstrong Creek, WI 54103
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We are open to sell out of our sugar house whenever we are home since it is located nearby. Please call before coming because we are often in the woods maintaining the sap lines.

Payment Info

Purchase securely on-line with a credit or debit card. Shipping and handling will be calculated at the time of purchase. In the area, or planning to be in the area, and want to save on shipping? You can order on-line and arrange to pick up your products at our sugarhouse, and pay with cash, check or credit card.